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2021 UPDATE: Due to travel restrictions and possible quarantine requirments due to Covid-19, one (1) month terms are no longer available. Minimum time of service is two (2) months.

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Please be aware that we may contact your parents and/or person accountable to for reference information.

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Please be aware that we may contact your Pastor for reference information.

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i58 Guidelines and Rules of Conduct

(Please Read Carefully) 

  • We place high value on your well-being, and believe this starts with your spiritual life. Our work among displaced people demands a high level of spiritual, emotional, and physical stamina. Please commit to connecting genuinely with God each day. This will sustain you and increase your effectiveness greatly.
  • You must be in good standing with your spiritual authorities at home, and be in good favor of your church leaders.
  • Unity and cohesion is vital in this endeavor. To this end, we ask that volunteers be sensitive to authority figures within i58, and lay aside personal agendas and preferences to embrace the values and vision of i58. We expect that our volunteers work as team-players, and are dedicated to putting the success of the team (i58) before their own interests.
  • Our safety and other protocols are established with good reason, and you must comply with all written and/or verbal instructions regardless of your level of understanding or appreciation for them.
  • Stay focused on the task at hand and optimize your time for ministry. Some of what we do is hard work and is not pleasant. We need you to serve with your whole heart. Please stay away from the vacation spirit, or “volun-tourism.” In serving others and giving 100% to the work at hand, you will find fulfillment and satisfaction which lasts far beyond seeing the sights or having a “fun time”. You must be able and willing to work hard, put in long days, and do the “dirty work”, whatever that may be.
  • We come from a range of backgrounds and experiences, and work together towards the goals and vision of i58. Please respect members of our team whose convictions may differ from yours. This is not the time to exercise personal liberties in things such as music, videos, dress, etc... to the detriment of the team or the mission of i58. Although we are not opposed to watching educational documentaries, we ask that no movie-watching for the purpose of entertainment be done while serving with i58. Christ-like conduct will be expected at all times. Our desire is that people would see our lives and work, and give glory to our Father in heaven.
  • Because of the nature of our work, posting pictures of the camp, pictures taken inside the camp, pictures of refugees with ANY spiritual context, or any personal information of refugees on social media or online is prohibited.
  • In some respects, i58 is working in a “closed country” type setting. Listen to team leaders and field directors for guidance as to when and where it is permissible to openly minister the gospel. Christian literature may not be distributed within the refugee camp or the immediate vicinity of the camp. There are no exceptions.
  • A veiling must be worn by the ladies. We believe the best application of the headship principle as taught in I Corinthians 11 is for the veiling to be worn as a part of the regular attire of a Christian woman. Ladies should wear their hair neatly up, avoiding fashion extremes, covered with a veil or covering of sufficient size to substantially cover the hair.
  • Men shall not cover their heads when they pray or prophesy. Their hair shall be cut neatly (no long hair).
  • Always maintain “....chaste behaviour coupled with fear” do not allow outward adorning of braiding of the hair, and of wearing of jewels of gold, or of putting on apparel; but let it be the hidden man of the heart, with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God’s sight is very precious” (I Peter 3:2-4). Refrain from all decorative jewelry, including bracelets, wristbands, anklets and necklaces.
  • No shorts or sleeveless garments. Blouses shall not be sheer or low-necked. Ladies shall wear ankle-length dresses or skirts, or shorter skirts (mid-calf) with leggings which extend to the ankles.
  • Please respect these guidelines at all times, INSIDE or OUTSIDE of camp. Be especially sensitive in these points, as our ministry is among Middle Eastern people whose perceptions of dress may differ from yours.
  • Avoid clothing with gaudy or bizarre logos.
  • We strictly forbid the use of tobacco, drugs, alcoholic beverages, and foul language.
  • There will be no special boy/girl relationships formed during your time with i58. If you plan on serving at i58 with your boy/girlfriend, we ask that your trip is approved by your authorities, and that you notify i58 before going. We expect that your full attention be on the work at hand, that you participate in all team activity, and ask you to observe a strict hands off policy.
  • By providing these guidelines, our goal is to empower you to focus on this great work of God you’ve joined, while helping us maintain a consistent and relevant presence. Those in positions of responsibility may feel the need to talk with individual volunteers regarding specific applications. Please listen respectfully and cooperate graciously. The i58 administrators reserve the right to terminate your service at any time if their input or these guidelines are disregarded.